Cakephp gives a limit on associative/relational data.

Example we have two tables, one is articles and another is comments table. Articles hasMany relations with comments. 

Example our articles table looks like 


id |  title | created | modifier 


Id | comment | article_id | created | modified 

Assuming in articles table we have build  a  hasMany relation with comments like below example


$this->hasMany('Comments', [
     'foreignKey' => 'article_id',

Here, article_id is the foreign key.

Now, in the ArticlesController/index method we will write a query where we want only the last two comments. 

So, we can write our index method like below

public function index()
   $article = $this->Articles->find()
       ->contain('Comments', function($q){
       return $q
              ->order(['Comments.created' => 'DESC']);

So now in view you will get articles with 2 recent comments.